1    Preface

5    Names, Patronymics, and Surnames

8    The Danish Land System and the FREDSBO Name

10    Map of Denmark (with County outlines)

11    Map of Skanderborg County, Denmark

12    Brędstrup, Denmark (2 pictures)

13    1787-1901 Denmark Census For FREDEBOE Farm

17    Information from the Census

19    My FREDSBO Direct-Line Ancestors

20    FREDSBO Genealogy and Family History in Denmark

30    FREDSBOs in the United States

30    6th Generation Genealogy and Family History

41    1934 photo of Harold, Edmond and Lilly Fredsbo

42    7th and Later Generations Genealogy and Family History

49    Addendum - A      Niels Fredsbo comes to America

51    Addendum - B      Fredsbo Family Reunited

53    Addendum - C      Niels Fredsbo Found!

55    Reference Notations

56    Afterword

58    Notes

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