1    Preface

5    Origin of the OGLE name

7    The OGLE Crest and Coat of Arms

9    Ogle and Ogle Castle

13   The OGLE Genealogy - Generations 1 - 30

25   Family History 1st - 3rd Generations

27   Family History 4th - 6th Generations

30   Family History 7th - 10th Generations

34   Family History 11th - 13th Generations

38   Family History 14th - 17th Generations

40   Family History 18th - 20th Generations, The OGLEs Come To America

44   Family History 21st - 22nd Generations

49   Family History 23rd - 24th Generations, The OGLEs Become Farmers

54   Family History 25th Generation, Joseph Ogle

56   Family History 26th Generation, Albert Ogle

61   Family History 27th Generation, Will Everett and Iva Ogle

64   Family History 28th Generation A, Courtlandt Ogle

66   Family Biography 28th Generation B, Jeanne Ogle

72   Family Biography 28th Generation C, Joyce Ogle

78   Family Biography 29th Generation A1 John Everett Ogle

81   Family Biography 29th Generation A2 Will Edwin Ogle

84   Family Biography 29th Generation A3 Judith Ogle

88   Family Biography 30th Generation A1a Mark Ogle

89   Family Biography 30th Generation A2a Derek Ogle

90   Herrick Refrigerator Co.

92   1907 Photographs of Waterloo, Iowa

94   Waterloo Airship Mystery

96   Additional Photographs

98   Afterword

99   Strangers In The Box

99   Bibliography

100  Notes


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